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Watch Jannat 2 bollywood movie online free

Jannat 2 2012 bollywood Movie Watch Online Free

Jannat 2 for any of Janet. Indeed, the name of the movie is really no meaning. Twice tried to convince us by Kunal Deshmukh of Dilli leading to Sonu long breath but he chose the name of his film Jannat 2, but the statement is not only very reliable. Fortunately, however, we can not say the same thing about the story: There is only enough credibility to convince us that it is worth sitting in the end.

Sonu Jannat 2 Next Emraan Hashmi symbol Dilli KKC), a small gun dealer with a strange sense of humor. He sold cars rationalises the murder, he said that the differences between the situation and reduce the equality of men. Things changed when ACP Pratap Raghuvanshi (Randeep Hood) in the vessels of his life, and threatened to tie him, and he threw anchor a bridge: A wounded man was treated by Dr. Sonu Jhanvi played by uber, Robert Kocharyan, Esha Gupta. The two fall in love, singing a few songs, but Pratap interfere with its activity Sonu was working his way up and eventually gang leader MANGAL Singh Tomar symbol Maneet Chaudhary). Life is not smooth for Sonu, that Jhanvi and Pratap. Growing tensions over their fate will keep you asleep, but not hit the edge of your seat. The tension reached its climax in the crown - he just does not gel with the way the plot has been leaked. It is almost the main players (do not tell you what we think), or modified in the last minute to Kunal for the producers.

Jannat 2 double meaning of the dialogue as soon as you can keep your children away, as well as any other place that has a different character from the best or abuse. Violence quotient is quite high, and we mention sex? Emraan Hashmi in a film for everyone!

As a character, through Art, you would expect Emraan offering his best work to date. What he does is not simply a repeat of his previous acts of Romeo in the street. There is no new thing in his approach to Sonu. We are left wondering why it is called «Cheez kameeni kutti« How do you see him do something that justifies the tag: Emraan gracefully give way Randeep. From the moment Sonu interrupts Pratap shenanigans, you're hooked and want to know more about him. Randeep the anguish of his character is anguished cop looking for revenge. In its first scene to last, he portrays Pratap as cruel as honesty, that you can not help but share his pain.

Kunal also a creditable performance in his statements supporting cast. Arif Zakaria has a short role, but as good as it always work? Chaudhary is excellent as an insurmountable Mane (hub) and dealers. No group or one of his previous performances Baajaa Rocket Singh Baaraat will prepare you for what he did for the garden 2. Zeeshan Mohd Ayyub deserve special attention for its own as a friend Sonu's forehead. Esha Gupta also led to a convincing call, but hardly do anything. Its role is limited to looking sexy and she does it well.

Movie Details of Jannat 2 bollywood Movie online

Movie : Jannat 2 (2012)
Movie Type of Jannat 2: Crime Thriller
Actor of Jannat 2: Emraan Hashmi, Randeep Hooda
Actress of Jannat 2: Esha Gupta
Director of Jannat 2: Kunal Deshmukh
Producer of Jannat 2: Mahesh Bhatt
Story by of Jannat 2: Shagufta Rafique
Music Dir of Jannat 2: Himesh
Released Date of Jannat 2: 04th May, 2012

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