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Watch The Expendables 2 Hollywood Movie Online free

The Expendables 2 Hollywood Movie watch online

The Expendables 2 Hollywood Movie Watch Online Free

Movie Description:
After the night of danger "Batman the dark night rises" show last month, law enforcement officials across the country responded to a bomb threat at Carmike cinemas show "The Expendables 2" on Friday.
In a statement Carmike said he received a threatening phone call Thursday night at his headquarters, Columbus Georgia.
The warning was reportedly linked to ongoing theaters of action.
Carmike said it is coordinated with the FBI and local law enforcement agencies to ensure that their theaters are safe. It said Friday that the investigations have been completed in the theaters involved and nothing was found.
"All theaters affected by the threat reviewed and considered safe for use," said the company in a statement. "Carmike Cinema would like to express our gratitude to law enforcement agencies that responded quickly and to ensure the safety of our guests."
A federal investigation is underway, however, and Carmike said it would continue to assist officials in their search.
Carmike is the fourth largest chain of theater land, and work mainly in rural or suburban areas nationally.
Armed with a cast critical punching bags as Sylvester Stallone, Chuck Norris and Arnold Schwarzenegger, this is probably a safe bet that "expendables 2" in order to gather rave reviews.
But testosterone-fueled sequel actually surprisingly successful with the judges, the film in a severe flare-diversion in late summer. The film currently has a 66% "fresh" rating on critical aggregator Rotten tomatoes. Its outcome is better than the latest blockbuster hopefuls such as "Total Recall" and "The Bourne Legacy".
Besides Stallone, "The Expendables 2" brings together 80s era muscle men like Dolph Lundgren and Jean-Claude Van Damme youthful action heroes like Jason Statham and Liam Hemsworth. Like his predecessor, he follows a merry group of gun-toting mercenaries on a mission seemingly impossible and set about napalm so much longer than his little 2-hour running time of the Vietnam War. It opens today.
Entertainment Weekly'sLisa Schwarzbaum, film is a perfect distillation of the kind of mindless fun that Hollywood churns out every summer. It will not win any awards, but it is not dish out a healthy serving of violence and chaos, to the satisfaction of his to assess viewers gray stars leave hairlines.
"Ken values ​​art as" good "or" bad "Expendables 2 is a fool's mission," writes Schwarzbaum. "The film is excellent dick, fine junk, an exercise in nostalgia overstated film, and a demonstration of American dominance in the field of fragrant cosmetic improvements for aging movie stars."
I find myself in the camp of "excellent dick" New York Times Neil Genzlinger, the film "dumb fun". In particular, he referred Gift Norris to poking fun at himself as the center of exaggerated appeal of "The Expendables 2".
"Mr. Norris comes as a blood bath and lead dialogue started planting to grow, and his deadpan self-parody is pretty darn funny," writes Genzlinger. "Most importantly, it gives you permission to laugh for the rest of this mindless film, which is the only way to choke it down."
Writing in USA Today, Claudia Puig says the film is cartoonish and bloody, but fun.
"The Expendables 2 is banal, and sometimes barbaric dark eyes," says Puig. "But humor and self-deprecating charm macho male model wrong crowd pleasing fun.
But not everyone thought that aging action star spectacle is worth the price of admission. Peter Travers of Rolling Stone confessed he wanted to keep the film but felt touched over by relentless action sequences.
"Audiences and critics script trying to beat the punch by providing his insults," wrote Travers. "Spotting a plane on its last leg, Stallone said:" This plane belongs in a museum. "

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