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Watch Die Hard 3 hollywood movie in High Quality HD/ Divx

Summary of Die hard 3: With a vengeance hollywood movie watch online free:

After a bomb explodes in the early morning at the Bonwit Teller department store in New York City, a man calling himself "Simon" (Jeremy Irons) telephones the police claiming responsibility, and demands that they play a game of "Simon Says" to prevent any more explosions. Simon orders suspended NYPD Lt. John McClane walk through Harlem wearing a sandwich board displaying racist slurs. Before McClane can be beaten to death by a group of outraged residents, Harlem shopkeeper Zeus Carver (Samuel L. Jackson) steps in to rescue McClane, and together they return to the precinct. There, Simon calls the precinct and takes credit for an Astrolite-like bi-component explosive discovered in a major park. Further investigation reveals that several thousand pounds of it were stolen the night before - Simon has enough explosives to level a city block. Simon demands that Carver join McClane for the remainder of his "game", directing them to a payphone at the 72nd Street subway station. Simon reveals that a bomb is on the # 3 subway train that is just leaving the station, and tasks the two to reach the Wall Street subway station 90 blocks away in 30 minutes to prevent its detonation. McClane and Carver commandeer a taxi and cut through Central Park to avoid traffic; McClane instructs Carver to continue on surface roads while he gets on the subway car to search for the bomb. Carver arrives at the Wall Street platform at 10:20am, but Simon specifically wanted both Carver and McClane at the station by the deadline, for which then he disappointingly replies on the payphone "I'm afraid this is non-compliance. Goodbye". McClane finds the bomb, now armed, and attempts to throw it off the subway. As the train enters the station, it trips over the detonator, causing the subway car to derail and tear through the station, causing the second terrorist attack in New York City since the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

As the Wall Street area is cleared and McClane and Carver recover, they learn from the police and FBI that Simon is a former East German special forces officer who led a Special Forces unit trained for sabotage. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, Simon is believed to have gone to work for the Iranian Government. They are also told Simon's full name is Simon Peter Gruber and he is the brother of Hans Gruber, whom McClane dropped off the Nakatomi Plaza building in Los Angeles on Christmas Eve, 1988 (during the events of the first film). Therefore, the FBI believes the bombings are linked to Simon's desire to avenge Hans' death. Simon calls again, telling the police that the remaining explosives have been hidden in one of the public schools in New York, and that police-band radio transmissions could set them off. McClane and Carver have less than five hours to complete Simon's game to prevent the bomb from detonating, and depart while the police organize a massive search of every school, leaving the Wall Street area unsecured. Without their radios, they must coordinate through the city phone switchboards.

Simon, along with employer Mathias Targo and numerous henchmen, use the opportunity created by the chaos between the destruction of the subway station and the sparseness of the police force to seize and secure the Federal Reserve Bank of New York to steal all $140 Billion USD of the gold bullion in its vaults. McClane and Carver, initially hostile towards each other, become friends and work together to solve Simon's riddles; McClane deduces that the various distractions are part of Simon's plan. McClane instructs Carver to continue following Simon's game, and returns back to the city to discover the gold has already been stolen by Simon using a number of dump trucks. McClane attempts to follow them through an aqueduct, but Simon's men flood it. Realizing that their goals have been exposed, Simon calls Z-100 & its DJ Elvis Duran and tells the entire city that a school has a bomb in it - overloading the switchboards when every parent in the city calls 911, cutting off all police communications. Though McClane is able to join Carver and they discover that the dumptrucks have unloaded onto a tanker, they must act alone. McClane and Carver sneak aboard the tanker but discover that the containers aboard it hold only scrap metal, and are quickly captured by Simon, who reveals that there is no bomb in any school, instead that the bulk of the explosive is aboard the tanker. Although the original plan was to blow up the gold in New York harbor and destabilize the world's economy, Simon has murdered Targo and smuggled the gold off the ship to keep it for himself and his men. McClane and Carver are chained to the explosives as Simon escapes; McClane and Carver are able to escape just seconds before the bomb destroys the tanker.

McClane and Carver are treated for injuries and debriefed, while Carver insists that McClane should call Holly, his estranged wife. Just as he makes the call, however, McClane realizes that an aspirin bottle given to him by Simon comes from a border town in Quebec. Meanwhile, Simon boasts to his men, declaring that, because of the stupidity of the NYPD, they have gone from an army without a country to one which must decide which country to buy. However, McClane and Zeus arrive with a massive force of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and taunt Simon from the safety of a police helicopter. Seething with hatred, Simon tells his men, "I have something personal to finish." Entering an attack helicopter piloted by his mistress, he attempts to kill McClane and Zeus with a machine gun. Forced into making a crash landing, McClane and Carver are seemingly at Simon's mercy. Meanwhile, the other copter hovers beneath some nearby power lines, as Simon looks his mortal enemy right in the eyes. However, McClane shoots out the power line with his last two bullets, which causes the copter to explode in a massive fireball, killing Simon and his mistress. McClane finally speaks his signature phrase "Yippie ki-yay, motherfucker" to the now dead Simon.

Staring :

Bruce Willis ... John McClane
Jeremy Irons ... Simon Gruber
Samuel L. Jackson ... Zeus Carver
Graham Greene ... Joe Lambert
Colleen Camp ... Connie Kowalski
Larry Bryggman ... Insp. Walter Cobb
Anthony Peck ... Ricky Walsh
Nicholas Wyman ... Mathias Targo (as Nick Wyman)
Sam Phillips ... Katya
Kevin Chamberlin ... Charles Weiss
Sharon Washington ... Officer Jane
Stephen Pearlman ... Dr. Fred Schiller
Michael Alexander Jackson ... Dexter
Aldis Hodge ... Raymond
Mischa Hausserman ... Mischa

Director :

John McTiernan

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