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Watch Die Hard 2 Hollywood movie in High Quality /HD/ Divx

Die Hard 2:Die Harder hollywood movie watch online free download

Summary of Die Hard 2: Die Harder hollywood :

John McClane, while waiting on Christmas Eve at Washington Dulles International Airport for his wife Holly to arrive from Los Angeles, spots two men dressed in army fatigues and passing a package between them. Following them into the baggage area, McClane ends up in a fight, killing one of them, but the other escapes. McClane believes that something is about to happen and discovers that one of the two men is a mercenary who was thought to be killed.

Meanwhile, former U.S. Army Special Forces Colonel Stuart and other former members of his unit, operating out of a small church near the airport, set up their operations. They take control of the air traffic and state that they want to rescue Ramon Esperanza, a drug lord and dictator of a South American country named Val Verde, who is flying in for a trial. They demand a Boeing 747 so they can escape to another country and warn the Dulles controllers not to try to restore their systems.

Despite warnings, the Dulles controllers and communications director Leslie Barnes head out to the unfinished Annex Skywalk to try to communicate with the planes. However, Stuart already put men there, who kill the SWAT team and are about to kill Barnes when McClane bursts in and kills Stuart's men. In response, Stuart crashes a plane into the ground, killing all on board.

A two-way radio dropped by one of Stuart's men tips McClane off that Esperanza is landing. He gets there before Stuart's men, but Stuart traps him in the cabin and throws grenades into the cockpit. McClane escapes through the ejection seat. McClane comes back to the airport to find an Army Special Forces team, led by a Major Grant, have arrived. Barnes and McClane discover where the mercenaries are operating and radio in to tell Grant and his team to raid it. However, the mercenaries escape on snowmobiles. McClane pursues them, but finds that the gun he picked up doesn't work. He realizes that both the mercenaries and Special Forces were using blank ammunition in their guns and that they were working together.

McClane gets the airport security to send out a SWAT team to intercept the plane. However, the people at Dulles are panicked and security cannot reach the plane in time. McClane hitches a ride on a news-copter, which drops him off on the wing of the plane. Grant comes out to fight, but is sucked into the engine. Stuart kicks McClane off the plane, but not before McClane manages to open the fuel hatch. He then takes a cigar lighter and lights the trail of fuel, blowing the plane up. The other planes, circing in the air, use the lighted trail to land. Holly and McClane are joyfully reunited in the final scene of the movie

Starring :

Bruce Willis
Bonnie Bedelia
William Atherton
Reginald Veljohnson
Franco Nero

Director :

Renny Harlin
Charles Picerni Sr

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