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Watch The silent House Hollywood Movie online free

The silent House Watch Hollywood Movie online

The Silent House Hollywood Horror Movie watch Online free

Movie Description:
After a breakout performance in the 2011 film of the play of Sean Durkin, Martha Marcy May Marlene, Elizabeth Olsen (younger sister of the infamous Olsen twins) to try her hand at the horror genre in a quiet house. Olsen performance in Martha Marcy May Marlene won some of her "Best Actress" nominations - leading many film fans questioned whether rising star of the silent House Olsen will prevent or proof that even in a horror-thriller project, a new actress a comment convincing performance.

Of course, peaceful home base is not just a slasher-horror film, where mindless co-eds that leads to a flight of stars instead of the front door. Film directed by Chris Kentis team and Laura Lau, who cut their teeth in the survival of the 2003 horror film, Open Water (for a couple of scuba divers accidentally left alone miles from shore in shark infested waters), is still in home is 88 minutes "based on true events" story as a single, uninterrupted.

Pairing of Olsen with the premise "concept" high makes for a unique and compelling theatrical experience?

Finally, the performances in quiet house - and the introduction of unique film - up on the horror-thriller clichés normal film, but the film definitely has some shortcomings that, despite major successes, undermines the effectiveness of the overall experience.

What data from the 2010 Uruguay film, silent house, quiet story Kentis and Lau's house is very basic, which makes sense for a film with only a few characters, especially a limited scale. We are a leading lady Sarah (Olsen), through a tense and bitter at times frightening, Sarah, with her father, John (Adam Tres) and Uncle Peter (Eric Sheffer. Stevens) is in the process of determining family ruined holiday home in an attempt to use the property more attractive when they try to sell it. Sarah began the mysterious sounds in the upper house to hear, and she and her father attempt to investigate the sound, it soon became clear that they are not alone - if they are safe. If the alleged "true story" movie inspiration ever actually happened remains unsubstantiated (and was a controversy between the supporters of film in 2010 Uruguay), however, "based on true events" or not, the basic storyline works well within limits the timeframe of 88 minutes.

Despite being a simple set up, quiet house is a carefully crafted film. Not only is insulated house, every window on board (local kids to avoid breaking the glass) and all dead-bolted doors (to keep out squatters) - Creating an atmosphere of dark isolation to work advantage film again and again. Sarah (as John and Peter) and rely on propane portable LED - which, along with the presentation "continued to receive", the public will definitely keep squinting into the darkness, the film's main characters.

Peaceful home has a number of long duration, and surprisingly, Olsen is the task - making a successful and compelling performance. Granted, her role went to the prices obtained, but considering most of her screen time is spent in response to noise in the dark, her performance brought the added layer of course (and reliability) in a different role to portrayed by an actress less convincing.

"Real time" presentation brings the event to life in a convincing manner, but at the same time, undermines an opportunity for audiences to gain insight into Sarah from basic attitude and relationship with Peter and John. Even if the house dark mystery unfolds, there is little chance for the audience "known" one of the main characters - which is somewhat of a missed opportunity, especially considering Olsen's screen presence. Some moviegoers will no doubt defend Bare portrayal of characters, arguing that they only vehicles for the situation to upset the audience dipped, but they have a history of "peaceful home", the choice in the end detract from the effectiveness of the Final film.

Released:     January 21, 2011
Runtime:     85 mins
Genres:     Drama Horror Thriller
Countries:     France USA
Director:     Chris Kentis
Actors:     Adam Trese Elizabeth Olsen

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