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Watch hollywood movie Abraham Licoln Vampire Hunter online free

Watch hollywood movie Abraham Licoln Vampire Hunter online free

Watch Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter Hollywood movie online free

Movie Description:

Yesterday I got the greatest history lesson of my life. Based on the novel by Seth Grahame-Smith, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter tells the real story of America’s 16th president. Armed with a silver axe and the help of some unlikely friends, Lincoln sets out on a mission of vengeance that turns into a noble and supernatural quest to do what’s right for all. In some areas (mostly choreography and character development) it doesn’t live up to expectations. However, clever plot twists, badass quotes, and excellent acting make this horror/fantasy/comedy/action movie worth seeing.

Throughout the movie, Abe (Benjamin Walker) grows up from an immature and reckless young man to a respectable and moral husband, president, and vampire slayer. Most previews and posters show him as pretty one-sided, using the instantly appealing image of an axe-slinging hardcore killing machine, which he is, but only sometimes. Other times we see him as a humble shop assistant, as a confused and vulnerable lost soul, as a loyal friend, a devoted father. Walker definitely shows the whole picture with his portrayal of Lincoln.
Equally brilliant is Mary Elizabeth Winstead as wife Mary Todd. She comes off infinitely sweet without seeming two-dimensional. Her impeccable acting contributes to an unexpectedly heartwarming side of the film.
Dominic Cooper plays charming mentor Henry Sturgess. Henry trains Lincoln in the art of emotionless killing with a manner similar to Tyler Durden of Fight Club. He’s a little heavy on the hair gel and a little cliche in his bad-boy manner but is still instantly appealing.
Jimmi Simpson plays Joshua Speed, another cynical friend. Fast-talking card sharp, you can tell Simpson’s having fun with the role.

Released: June 20, 2012
Runtime: 105 mins
Genres: Action Fantasy Horror Thriller
Countries: USA
Director: Timur Bekmambetov
Actors: Alan Tudyk Anthony Mackie Bernard Hocke Cynthia LeBlanc Dane Rhodes Daniel Vincent Dominic Cooper Donna DuPlantier Earl Maddox Edrick Browne Edward R Cox Elton LeBlanc Frank Brennan Jake La Botz Jaqueline Fleming Jillian Batherson Jimmi Simpson John McConnell John Rothman Joseph Mawle Laura Cayouette Lawrence Turner Logan Douglas Smith Marton Csokas Mary Elizabeth Winstead Mike Agresta Ritchie Montgomery Rufus Sewell Russell M Haeuser Terry Lee Smith
Soundtrack: Click here to check

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